Lou Colen Children’s Health and Wellness Center

Project Description

Lou Colen Children’s Health and Wellness Center

Houston/Tyner was asked to design a health center for children adjacent to the existing Irma Colen Health Center in 2015 and 2017. The 5,245 sq ft expansion in 2015 included 10 new exam rooms, community teaching kitchen, expanded lobby with children’s forest library area, expanded staff break room, expanded lab, team room for providers, medical assistants and staff, private counseling rooms, incorporated smart boards and other technologies. The renovations in 2017 included a 2,300 sq ft addition of the pediatric dental suite, pharmacy suite and community room. The new design also offers an expanded lab room to be shared by both clinics. An emphasis on child friendly technology and rigorous coordination with the community will assure the project’s success.


Venice Family Clinics Los Angeles, California